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When:  Friday, February 20 2015

Where: Privé Nightclub

112. I was quite young when this Bad Boy Records group entered the mainstream charts and you would hear them everywhere/ They would be  you heard on Radio 1, they would be the song of the week on Coke On the Beat with Tich Mataz, and of course, when cassettes were still a thing and CD players were up and coming, your household just couldn’t be that one that didn’t have their latest album in either version blasting from the speakers!  Cupid, Only You, Dance with Me and of course, let’s not forget, All Cried Out by Allure ft 112 as the ultimate power ballad of 1997. So it was only natural that when they announced their Vancouver show, we had to go!! HAD TO GO!! It wasn’t a question of how much, but what time we were leaving for the club! LOL!

Their club appearance was at Privé Nightclub which had somehow become a go-to spot for some of the hottest R’n’B performers from way back. The night was cool, the line-up wasn’t too crazy but it was long enough for this much-loved group. Their show was simple. No gimmicks. Some smoke and lights in the small venue was really all they had and needed. It was an intimate setting for their short and somewhat sweet performance. I say “somewhat sweet” because I expected more. WE ALL EXPECTED MORE!! They took us down memory lane with their homage to some of the greatest hits to come out of Bad Boy Records as performed at the BET 2015 Awards!

Pics below!

– xo



Disclaimer: The opinions disclosed are solely my own. Any images or videos used that are not my own are linked to their appropriate source.

... N. xo
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