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WOW! I am excited that I have made it to this milestone. And so far, I can say I have done everything that I hoped to have done, have no regrets, and I am enjoying life with the most amazing people.

Last night was no exception. We spent the night at home primping and pampering ourselves, and of course enjoying delicious home-cooked meals and some yummy Prosecco from Portland, OR. We started the weekend of right and it was nothing short of amazing. Living with my sister has its upsides, because we love the same food, enjoy the same alcoholic beverages and we enjoy each-others company!

For my birthday this year, I made all the arrangements and I wouldn’t have had it any other way! I am in no way controlling but I knew how I wanted to mark this birthday, and I wanted to take advantage of what Vancouver has to offer. Having the festivities start on Friday was the highlight of my day! We came back from work, I started dinner and made sure the yummy beverages were chilling in the fridge. I got de-stressed and that of course meant: freshening up, going make-up free, pyjamas on and setlist picked in anticipation of dinner and drinks. Dinner was simple and very low-key, and while we talked stories and reminisced about her twenties, and comparing mine to hers, it dawned on me that I had made it to this point in life. I had made it to 25 and it felt great! As the baby amongst my friends, it took me a minute to get to this mile marker but I am glad I made it.

Anyway, my birthday plans were different from the year before, and special to me:

Friday was spent with ma boo thang (sister) at home, with dinner and drinks and some good old-fashioned bonding.

Saturday we went for dinner in Yaletown to a restaurant called West Oak Restaurant. It was my second time being here after the first which was exactly a year ago from my 24th birthday. I liked it that much so go figure! The vibe was nice, the food was scrumptious and the conversation flowed. We had delicious birthday cake from Ganache Patisserie . After some cake and wine, we went dancing! What kind of birthday is it without dancing?! We made our way to The Charles Bar and we danced … and when I say we, I danced the night away while shouting “25!!!” at the top of my lungs during my favourite tracks. I was also very much drunk so I didn’t feel the pain as much in the balls of my feet until Sunday AM. Youuuuuuuuuu!!!!

Sunday was spent with ma boo thang – THELMA! We had a photoshoot she arranged in the morning, and then we went for a late lunch at Reflections – the rooftop patio at The Rosewood Hotel Georgia . The food was amazing, the weather was beautiful and of course we looked ravishing after a night of drinking and dancing! After a much deserved lunch, we went to hang out with friends and had a mini photoshoot. What can I say….THE CAMERA LOVES US!

Lastly, I want to thank all the beautiful souls that made my 25th special. From everyone who called me, sent me a text, a FB message and got ahold of me using any means possible…THANK YOU! XO

Take a peek into my birthday weekend!

– Shae, XO







... N. xo
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