NyashaMayne | A Mother’s Love
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A Mother’s Love

A mother’s love is unwavering. Forever unconditional. A mother’s love knows no bounds and is a love so precious that even through the hardest moments in life, that love carries you.

My mother is my rock. My fighter and defender in times of great turbulence. Evelyn.

Strong. Determined. Loving. She is my protector; my guardian. It is now – when I am grown up – that I understand the tough love this woman bestowed on me, when I wanted things my way (which was not always the best way). I would be so mad and would not talk to her for a while, but despite my temper tantrum, she would be the one person I’d be looking for to share the newest tale with. And she would welcome me with open arms, as though my previous tantrum had never happened. Her love never wavered.

She was my guardian in sickness and in health, and to this day, she is still my guardian. Her love is forever present and I feel it in all that I do. I work hard, not just for myself, but to also hear her say, “I’m proud of you”. I think those few syllables are just the cherry on top of any Sunday, and the less we hear those words, the more they mean to us when we do (can I speak for the masses?). It just makes it so worth it, especially when you know she has seen you at your lowest, and now that you have made it to the top, you know in your heart that you had to go through the bad to experience this moment. I can never pay her back with any monetary value for the sacrifices she has made to get me to where I am today, but by making her a proud Mama, I know that I at least can ensure that she sees that her hard work was and is not in vain.

A great teacher; she is the greatest role-model I know. My rock she is. She makes me laugh and smile, and through it all, her love for me never falters. I celebrate this beautiful woman everyday because she is my Mom, but today I shout it out for all of you to hear and see.

I love you Mommy. Happy Mother’s Day.

... N. xo

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