NyashaMayne | Meet the Author
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This is my story.
Born Shamayne Nyasha. Names given to me by my mother and father that I proudly carry. I am a woman of substance, a chaser of dreams, and a maker of my own reality. Living life on my own terms. NYASHAMAYNE.

The DefinitionSeeking truth and asking questions led me to find out the definition. Your first name of Shamayne has given you an eagerness for knowledge and an intense desire to do something worthwhile in life. Being clever, imaginative, and analytical, you do very well in the activities that hold your attention.You long for freedom from restrictions and for outlets for your restless qualities, and cannot tolerate drudgery and monotony.

It is not easy for you to take advice, subsequently; you tend to work alone or independently.You suffer inner turmoil and moods at times especially when you feel misunderstood, and being extremely sensitive, you are easily hurt and offended.Your quiet intensity is difficult for others to understand and thus, you are on guard for fear of being ridiculed or criticized.

Loving the outdoors, you enjoy outside activities and the beauty of nature in its many facets.Many people do not realize that you have a depth to your nature resulting from having thought a lot about life in many facets.

Among the Shona speaking tribes in Zimbabwe, Nyasha means Mercy of God, Grace, and Kindness. You have a vivid imagination which can bring inspired messages to the world. You like to enjoy the pleasures of life, and when self is overcome, you can rise to the heights. You have an ability to avoid trouble – that is why you often fail to learn from experiences. You are restless, sociable, a lover of change, and a seeker of adventure and new thrills. You are inventive, intuitive and extremely methodical. Since your will is so strong, you are hard to convince. You also dislike advice. You love beauty and philosophy, and you desire achievement. You have a strong need for freedom – physical, mental and spiritual. You are seeking freedom, opportunities to enjoy life: to make love, to go places and to do things. You are very adventurous and willing to take risks to achieve your objectives. New ways and new experiences can’t satisfy your restless nature. One adventure leads you to another. You are honest and fair because you know that this is the only way to receive justice and honesty from other people. But your personal growth is vital, and it is difficult to be tied down by rules and obligations. Your restless spirit might be best controlled by choosing a field of work that meets your demand for action, adventure and creativity.