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This dress has been in my life for the last 4 years and I can pin-point the exact moment I got it at the H & M at Dartmouth Mall, Nova Scotia in my last year of university.  On the precipice of something great - completing a 4-year Business degree, moving back to Vancouver and literally hitting the ground running seeking that new career opportunity as an adult, this dress and I found each other at the most opportune moment. That moment in life where the next step was about finding myself and defining what came next in my chapter.

As she turns 23 today, I think back to that day in November when her life changed forever. Our paths swerved into uncharted territory. With all the time that has passed, it still feels like it was just yesterday. As a fledgling writer, I take down anything and everything. Scrolling through a notebook, I came across some scribbles I had put down many years ago just after the accident that changed our lives. Today, on her birthday, a we celebrate life and the precious gift that she is, I want to share this memory with you. 

The new year is a time to reset - and I think we can all agree that when January 1st came - it was time to "start afresh". That's an interesting concept of time because why do we have to wait until January 1st to get real about the work we need to do to be a better version of ourselves? I pose this question to you, but I had to ask myself that same question in order to write this piece. As a result of my question, I summed it down to this: Self-improvement is never a bad thing, but it shouldn't be something that has to wait until January.

Watching the sunrise recently was one of the most beautiful moments I've spent in complete peace. While everybody else thought I was crazy as I pulled out my camera out and put on my shoes to go out on the deck (because I hadn't slept in over 24 hours!!) I couldn't help but find it crazy that no one else wanted to witness and bathe in the majestic beauty of what was imminent. One of life's fleeting moments. The thought of always tomorrow ... when tomorrow is never guaranteed. Sunrise

Disconnecting is so important to the mind, body and soul.

Over the years, I have enjoyed reading my horoscope to find out what the month usually has in store for me ... or not. As a Libra, my horoscope sign is represented by the scales. As one of the three air signs (Gemini and Aquarius being the others), Librans have a strong intellectual connection with the world; Librans love to analyze and solve problems that they and the ones they care about face; and Librans are known to be fair and just. web_libra I never really paid attention to my horoscope until I was in high school, and then at that point, it was imperative to know what the day, week and month held in store in the areas of work, love and life. Having gone to co-ed high school, it was a ritual for us to sit on the school staircase as we each read our own horoscope out loud from the week's gossip magazine or if we were being bold, Glamour or Cosmopolitan. We were in such a rush to grow up! 

Personally, I always feel better after going to the gym; and when I am in  the rhythm, I never think twice about how my day will end because a workout is in store for me. But, this time around was a little tricky because after a long hiatus and a great comeback when the new year started, I didn't think I would fall off the wagon ... let alone, have sickness kick me off my game as much as it did. I speak for everyone when I say that, "being sick sucks ass so much," because you are limited to what you can put the body through because the body is already in a weak state.