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28 for me is the year of vulnerability and letting go. Letting go of fears, inhibitions, BS excuses and just purely letting go of any and all baggage that is not going to help me in my future. We go through life caring so much about what the next person in aisle five will think, or what our [fake] friends are going to say behind our back to others about our choices and the actions we make, or what our family will think; but, when we sit down and really think about the delays that keep us from seeking and using our voices, it's all just excuses that are stopping us from reaching our true potential. 

This dress has been in my life for the last 4 years and I can pin-point the exact moment I got it at the H & M at Dartmouth Mall, Nova Scotia in my last year of university.  On the precipice of something great - completing a 4-year Business degree, moving back to Vancouver and literally hitting the ground running seeking that new career opportunity as an adult, this dress and I found each other at the most opportune moment. That moment in life where the next step was about finding myself and defining what came next in my chapter.

Sometimes I seek the light so that I am not in the shadows. But that is not always a good thing because to be able to grow I need to be comfortable in the shadows as well. I have to be uncomfortable to know that I can grow; so that when I get to that better place in life, I can truly appreciate it. 

As she turns 23 today, I think back to that day in November when her life changed forever. Our paths swerved into uncharted territory. With all the time that has passed, it still feels like it was just yesterday. As a fledgling writer, I take down anything and everything. Scrolling through a notebook, I came across some scribbles I had put down many years ago just after the accident that changed our lives. Today, on her birthday, a we celebrate life and the precious gift that she is, I want to share this memory with you. 

The new year is a time to reset - and I think we can all agree that when January 1st came - it was time to "start afresh". That's an interesting concept of time because why do we have to wait until January 1st to get real about the work we need to do to be a better version of ourselves? I pose this question to you, but I had to ask myself that same question in order to write this piece. As a result of my question, I summed it down to this: Self-improvement is never a bad thing, but it shouldn't be something that has to wait until January.