NyashaMayne | Style
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On a hot summer day, I like to just slip on a dress that will is breathable, easy to move in and makes me feel and look great! In an effort to keep it simple, I paired the dress with some white strappy sandals by Steve Madden. I love these heels as they compliment any outfit. But while this look is so chic and effortless, the dress speaks for itself.

This dress has been in my life for the last 4 years and I can pin-point the exact moment I got it at the H & M at Dartmouth Mall, Nova Scotia in my last year of university.  On the precipice of something great - completing a 4-year Business degree, moving back to Vancouver and literally hitting the ground running seeking that new career opportunity as an adult, this dress and I found each other at the most opportune moment. That moment in life where the next step was about finding myself and defining what came next in my chapter.

I love to experiment with my closet and have fun with it. Sometimes I like to be the corporate powerhouse I feel I am and wear a power suite, while other times, I like to keep it simple and fun. This look is just that - simple and fun! I wore this shift dress from Smartset (defunct) that I have had in my closet for a few years. It's simple, chic and easy and the vibrancy of the different shades of blue are not only eye-catching and striking, but are also not your everyday go-to. In this heat, this is the perfect dress! 

When we are not so caught up on with work, life and trying to catch up, we all dream of being wild and free. We conjure up an image of a wild cat, a lion(ess) - our inner "Sasha Fierce" - our own alter ego. Beyoncé merely tapped into what was inside all women, and the rest was up to us to unleash. We women are capable of so much and we definitely need to give ourselves a lot more credit than we do.

Sometimes I seek the light so that I am not in the shadows. But that is not always a good thing because to be able to grow I need to be comfortable in the shadows as well. I have to be uncomfortable to know that I can grow; so that when I get to that better place in life, I can truly appreciate it.