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Being stranded in Maui and staying at the recently renovated Residence Inn by Marriott Maui Wailea was just something bad that could have happened to anyone. Thank you Westjet! We were all ready to go and then due to unforeseen circumstances, our flight was cancelled and we got re-booked for a flight a day and a half later. Therefore, making good use of the weather and not to pass up a photo-op, I decided that a poolside photo-shoot was in order!

Dressed to explore, I went with a simple look that included a t-shirt dress and white sneakers. I love this dress because it speaks for itself - it is bright and colorful and evokes feelings of happiness. And the really nice thing about it is that it really doesn’t need much to accompany it when it comes to accessories.

This particular little white dress had my heart at first sight. I remember seeing it and falling instantly in love with the fabric and design. Its simple eyelet and flair design had me rushing into the dressing room to try it on and damn was it a keeper! In true fashion, this piece was worth the investment.

Never having been to an island, I definitely made sure I was prepared. When it came to packing, it came down to the following:
  • Weather;
  • Looking and feeling fabulous.
It was not going to be too hard - given the size of my closet! I definitely made sure that I had a day and night-time outfit for every day we were there - and me being me - I packed about two extra looks just in case something happened.  It's an island and you can never be too sure!

First thing to pack - bug spray! If there is anything that I learned the hard way from this trip is this one important detail – take bug spray. On the first full day on the island, I was the dish of the day for mosquitoes – and I have the bites to prove it! I learned my lesson that it is an essential part of any hot destination. 

Hawaii is known for its endless waterfront picturesque views and its beaches, so it only made sense that there would be beach day. I must confess, as much as I love being a tourist, I also love to just kick back and enjoy the destination and Maui did not disappoint! Little Beach and Big Beach/Makena Beach provided ample backdrop to a lot of picturesque views – and I am not referring to the copious amounts of naked bodies! *Full Disclosure - Little Beach is known for its nudity, therefore unless you are going to be in the nude yourself, you have no reason to be there.*

The options were endless – but I wish I could say the same about the budget – which was a very critical part in deciding where to go. A few friends (who wanted to remain behind the lens) and I decided to take a short break to a beach destination to regroup and rejuvenate. As a savvy shopper, I employed the same thought process about where to go given the time frame we had – somewhere close, sunny, offered endless amounts of relaxation and fun. We put our heads together and came up with a short list of places to go, and after deliberating flight times, and maximum days of vacation, Hawaii was the pick – Maui to be specific.

Watching the sunrise recently was one of the most beautiful moments I've spent in complete peace. While everybody else thought I was crazy as I pulled out my camera out and put on my shoes to go out on the deck (because I hadn't slept in over 24 hours!!) I couldn't help but find it crazy that no one else wanted to witness and bathe in the majestic beauty of what was imminent. One of life's fleeting moments. The thought of always tomorrow ... when tomorrow is never guaranteed. Sunrise

Disconnecting is so important to the mind, body and soul.