NyashaMayne | Comfort In The Shadows
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Comfort In The Shadows

Sometimes I seek the light so that I am not in the shadows. But that is not always a good thing because to be able to grow I need to be comfortable in the shadows as well. I have to be uncomfortable to know that I can grow; so that when I get to that better place in life, I can truly appreciate it. We all go through life and we deal with it as best as we can. We go through the motions and we seek to be around others who bring joy to us (even for a little while) before we retire to the shadows. But the shadows are not as bad as we think. While we might always want to walk in the light, we must walk in the shadows or be in the shadows so that we can grow and build that “thick skin” that we have all heard about. It’s not easy but nobody ever said life was easy or that it would be all roses and ponies. The shadows teach us to be resilient and strong. The shadows also teach us that despite how bad it can get, it will never be bad forever. And it is in this realization that we must find comfort in the shadows because life will not always be tainted in darkness or bad moments. It is  at this moment that we must look up, left and right but never down because we won’t see anything when we are looking down. RightBe present in the bad and know that it will not be bad forever. Be unfordable and feel it all the way to know that you will never get to this point in your life again because you will navigate differently to get to where you need to be.



Look up always because there is nothing for you anywhere else besides up. I may see the light but I may not run to it directly or as fast because I must walk in the shadows for a little while to become the best version of myself.

OOTD: Dress – Winners | Sandals – Steve Madden | Sunnies – Kate Spade | Watch – Michael Kors

... N. xo
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