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Disconnecting + Connecting

Watching the sunrise recently was one of the most beautiful moments I’ve spent in complete peace. While everybody else thought I was crazy as I pulled out my camera out and put on my shoes to go out on the deck (because I hadn’t slept in over 24 hours!!) I couldn’t help but find it crazy that no one else wanted to witness and bathe in the majestic beauty of what was imminent. One of life’s fleeting moments. The thought of always tomorrow … when tomorrow is never guaranteed.


Disconnecting is so important to the mind, body and soul.

Taking a break. Planning with friends or family and taking the time out of the hectic schedule that we know as “life” to just enjoy a different scenery and a different area code altogether is so necessary to the balance. Travelling by road, sea or air gives you a chance to breathe and provides that quality bonding time which is key when cultivating and maintaining relationships with the people you hold dearly. Having the ability to be “out of service” from all the noise is so refreshing because you have the time to just be in that moment without needing to worry about who is saying what, and what else is going on in the world. For a few moments, disconnecting awards you the time to just be at peace wholeheartedly.

A group of us – eight to be exact – decided that travelling outside of Beautiful British Columbia (BC) was a no go for the summer, so the decision to take in what BC is known for became the summer mission. With our sights set on exploring more, we looked at what options we had and most importantly, what BC is known for, which helped in picking the destination for our first trip. With the beautiful landscape as our backdrop in the Okanagan, we went in search of great local wineries in Kelowna!

With not one but two designated drivers, us ladies took on the delectable local wines at some of the best wineries known to BC while enjoying the beautiful vistas. Having been given some recommendations by a well-known sommelier of where to visit, picking from the list was a no-brainer as we found out that we all wanted to try the same wineries AND most importantly, they weren’t too far from our weekend getaway home at La Casa Resort. The rental property was in a beautiful location that afforded us the opportunity to disconnect and literally be present with each other and in the moment. And while we were not “out of service”, there were times where the need to reach for our devices was lost as we indulged in the picturesque views from the deck as the conversations flowed as we ate. And let me not forget the flowing wine and sangria!

The wineries we visited were: Little Straw Vineyards, Quails Gate, Sperling Vineyards, Tantalus Vineyards and The View Vineyards – in that order (post to follow on thoughts and purchases). Different sizes + different offerings = one amazing experience! For us ladies, we bonded over many things, but wine brought us closer – and that is not to say we are alcoholics, but the experience more so speaks to the fact that we enjoy our quality time that much more while sharing a bottle of wine … or two. While we have different palettes, which are similar in some ways, we can still agree to disagree on certain things – including fermented grapes – yet, we still can come together to enjoy many things, especially our friendship.

Disconnecting from our regular hustle ‘n’ bustle, being in this setting and doing something out of the norm gave us the chance to #girlchat – with male input – and obviously, while two of the eight is a married pair, having that perspective was insightful because sometimes as single women and men, we don’t consider other variables. We (guys and gals) have all been known to do that, no matter how objective we claim to be so it was nice to have a chance to be fiercely honest in our thoughts and feelings without judgement from the other sex. And when it wasn’t just us women chatting, games and laughter were all part of the weekend. The escape of it all infused a breath of fresh air and openness to what we all bring to the table – individually and collectively. The insight of self, us – paramount.

Connecting in this setting was just what we needed.

The search of there always being more to what our lives offer us – explicitly available – and affordable too. Travel bloggers advocate for us to be open to what the world has to offer – culture, dynamic surroundings and a new perspective – which we sometimes forget when we are sheltered in our own cocoon and travel [to us] translates into all-inclusive resorts and white sandy beaches where we might not get as exposed to the local experience as much (but still a wonderful experience all the same and I am not knocking it). In those types of scenarios, I find that the concept of disconnecting is somewhat of a lost art because some people don’t know how to do it per se. Getting in touch with the culture and surroundings is lost in translation in between home, the airport, white sandy beaches and tanning and as a result, there is no chance of discovering the culture because the belief is there that since they’re in a different country, they are being cultured. Whereas the thought should be that to truly be one with the culture or as close to it as possible, one has to immerse themselves in whatever the country or region is known for to have a full experience.

Having been inspired by other travellers who advocate the art and beauty of travel, it is so hard not to take a break and just enjoy – even if it is a short trip in one’s backyard. As someone who loves to travel to international destinations, sometimes it becomes necessary to do the mini trips in and around the areas one hasn’t had the chance to explore yet in order to save pennies. Ergo – not breaking the bank! Hence, the summer mission!


With the goal of living and staying connected to our surroundings, we should all be on that disconnecting mission. Even if it is just for a few hours or a weekend away with friends or a solo trip (upcoming post on this). Choose to stay unplugged (or as much as possible); light some candles, take a bubble bath, read a good book with a big glass of wine or your beverage of choice. We need to live a real life where we interact with real people in the real world so that we don’t lose those personal connections with our nearest and dearest! Disconnecting and living a life that matters means that we can be satisfied in the small moments that we create and as a result, feel more fulfilled with life and our purpose. While away, I realized how much richer and more satisfying any experience is when it’s not interrupted. Or there is very little interruption.

As someone who loves being in front and behind the camera, I urge people to capture their Kodak moments so that you can remind yourself of those moments you took a “time out”. Sometimes we just need that little reminder when we get caught up with life. So catch those moments and put them in a place where you can always refer so you remind yourself of what was and what could be – even if it is just for a few hours or days with the people who you connect with.

Do you have any upcoming trips planned? Where are you going? Who are you going with?


... N. xo
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