NyashaMayne | Dreaming Bigger. Grinding harder. Believing always.
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Dreaming Bigger. Grinding harder. Believing always.

I visualize the day that I will say, “Yes!! I no longer live a dream. My dream is my reality”.

I dream of the day that all my dreams are realized. And it is coming. The day that all things I have worked hard for are the things that have created the backbone that supports me. The day that my tears, and constant grind and the laughter and smiles rejoiced will make me appreciate myself and what I am capable of even more so.

It’s been a path of unrealized chances and moments that have been working and steering me in the direction I ought to be moving in; but procrastinating enough because I keep telling myself that “the moment is not right”. But not anymore. Today is a day of recomitment to myself and the dreams I have been putting on the back burner. Today is the day that I proclaim that “life is now” and realize that I am the master of my own destiny. I can do what I put my mind to and only doddling is going to make me delay the ride to the top. Because that is where I am heading. To the gold lining awaiting my dreams.

During my trip to Halifax, NS – I had a frank conversation with a a very good friend of mine – blogger, fashionista and designer of Clutch Culture and owner of Lion Hunter – Mo Hanadhu. She is an example dreams becoming a reality. She is an inspiration to myself and others and with her wise words which were interwoven with key words like “peserverance” and “determination” along with ” follow your passion and you will never be lost”, she instilled in me the courage to face my fears. I had been met with words of discouragement and doubt (and I still do) when it comes to what I want to do and taking a chance at living my dream, but she steered me in the direction that I kept missing. Hearing it from her was what I needed. After the frank conversation with her, I knew. I knew that nothing would be easy on this path but as long as I give it my all, I will not fail.. I owe her so much, and I am glad to call her my friend.

You Imagine What You Desire struck a chord with me and left me speechless for a second. To see this lifted high above the entrance of the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney –  not only allowed me to believe that I can do what I have always dreamt of doing; but it catapulted me into the head space. I was standing in this country that I had only imagined and dreamt about seeing, and then there I was – standing in front of everything that my heart had desired. It was my “A-HA” moment. It was like coming full circle with myself and my imagination and dreams.  No one ever said life was easy; but you just have to work with what you have and make it work for you!! #Truth


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