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March 1, 2014

I’m a 25 year old aspiring TV personality, actress, and model. I am constantly DREAMING BIG because there is no limit. I have been taught that there is no limit unless you define it yourself but even at that point, it really does become a hot topic of discussion. Why limit yourself when you have the power and opportunity to do it?!

Currently, I am sitting at home, with my sister in our 2 bedroom apartment and writing here (sharing with you) about my dreams and aspirations because as I write I feel an escape. I can almost feel those aspirations turning into something meaningful. As I write I am working on my dreams daily. I am taking acting classes to get myself ready for that role – be it big or small. I am going for auditions for some of the major networks that shoot out here in Vancouver and while I am still “green” I continue to work on the craft and I love it! This is how it all begins right? I am getting comfortable in front of the camera more and more, learning how the great speakers do it, how the artists of film and music do it … and how I can do it too, I am keeping the grind alive. I am doing what I am meant to – preparing – so that I am ready for when I get there. I am working on my modeling portfolio as well. Eating well, and maintaining a good image is all part and parcel of the demands of working in a very visual industry. I am my own nutritionist. I am my own personal health guru after the many sources I follow such as Dr. Oz, Oprah, Women’s Health Magazine…etc.!! EVERYTHING! I am working on me. And I am happy working on my dreams and passions. But most importantly, I am doing it while walking with my God because without him, and this life, nothing would be possible. I am working on me in all elements/aspects of my life because it takes a strong person to know who they are and what they are capable of doing but never forgetting that they are not walking alone. I am not preaching so take what you will from this. But this is my journey and I am making my mark on this earth the best way I know how.

I remember being on YouTube and trolling the videos and I came across this inspirational video by Tyler Perry. I was so inspired by his words and the commitment of just how he persevered and dedicated himself to his dreams until it happened for him.  I was moved. At a time when I thought I could never live my dreams, my mind and heart were soon transformed by his powerful words. I started to believe again in my capabilities and myself and I understood that with hard work, dedication and the right space, I can do it.

Success is no easy feat. But with the right mindset and focus, anyone can do what they put their mind to.

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