NyashaMayne | Faces West: Nostalgia
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Faces West: Nostalgia

Last November (2013) I faced a fear of mine and took part in Faces West – a model and talent conference that takes place in Vancouver. YIKES!! I was definitely one of the more “mature” participants and for sure not one of the skinniest. Youuuuuuuuu! *Soulja Boy voice* It doesn’t help that my cup size is HUGE  and that while I was definitely at my skinniest and weighing in under 130lbs –  any skinnier and I would have been out of proportion – my head, my boobs, my figure! It would have been all wrong! So to put it into perspective especially when I look back now, I was in the “strong is sexy” kind of phase. I, of course would have liked to have been skinnier but I loved how I looked and I was happy.

During the 3 day event, I was in a different mindset because I had to deliver and bring my A-GAME! Because this was my first time, I took part in all the talent areas – runway, photo, monologue, commercial, cold-read, sports-wear…you name it. This was all new to me and I really just wanted to put my best foot forward no matter how out of my comfort zone I was. Pushing myself the way I did before the competition started –  practicing my runway walk with a coach, making sure that I picked out the right look for myself, and ensuring that my body was on point especially when it came to the sports-wear section was just the most gruelling part of the process. While other models had their families there to cheer them on, I was there by one, doing my thing. It was daunting and liberating at the same time, and despite not having anyone there to root me on, it was still a great experience. I met so many people and came away from it all unscathed really!

While competing, I did discover though that as much as I love fashion and modelling, acting was where my passion lay. During Faces West, for my monologue, I did a scene from Tyler Perry’s, Diary of a Mad Black Woman – the one where Kimberly Elise’s character finally confronts her wheelchair bound husband, played by Gary Sturgis. All I remember from the moment I stepped on the stage and opened my mouth, the room fell silent from the first “SHUT UP!!” Everyone who I could see was just mesmerized because I know I delivered it well. I could feel that I delivered it well, and it was definitely appreciated. So much so, that I took 1st place during the closing ceremony celebrations for my monologue. Another feat for me was also taking 1st place for my commercial which I had prepared and performed. My commercial was for the department store “Winners”, because I LOVE SHOPPING! And it worked! You can never go wrong with fashion at a bargain!

The key takeaway from my experience at Faces West was that we should always challenge ourselves and do the things that we think we have no business doing. Always go out of our comfort zone to do the things we love because life is short. I loved my experience at Faces West and I wouldn’t change a thing. I strutted my stuff in front of some global scouts and while I wasn’t scouted, I got great feedback from them at the end and learned about me and what I am capable of. My look is more COMMERCIAL than HIGH FASHION and that’s okay with me. I just have to keep working at it and putting my face and talent out there because something is going to happen. I love the TV/Film and Broadcasting world and that’s where my main focus is because it takes a special kind of someone with a little special something to make it and I know I’ve got it. #SelfBelief #Motivation

... N. xo
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