NyashaMayne | Happiness Is A Choice
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Happiness Is A Choice

Some people settle for being content – which in most cases is great. I, on the other hand seek happiness in all I do and continue to do so especially when contentment starts to settle in. I have found that in an age where almost anything and everything is dispensable – one needs to be happy to be a fully functional human being. You never want to be “half there” or “there only in body” because that is just a lot of time being wasted all around if you are not there completely. I mean – think about it? For every time you are in a place you don’t want to be in, and you can think of ten other things you could be doing with your time … you are westing your precious time doing something you could do without = wasted time. That is why happiness is a choice, and if you don’t like the narrative – change it!

white-dress-green-necklaceYellow is the color of sunshine and is associated with joy, warmth, happiness, intellect, and energy … amongst many other things.  It is an attention-grabbing colour that draws you in. It’s spontaneous and fun – and a powerful way to demonstrate the colourful side of ones personality especially if you are always so serious.

This look was shot in front of this beautiful yellow wall – not only to bring the other colours into the forefront, but to showcase the simple fact of my happy, fun and cheerful disposition. The look itself is simple and chic, but has injections of colour – the lip and statement piece necklace complete the whole look.


I am a critical person – of myself and my work so for me, being a perfectionist has its ups and downs; but, all I can say in my defence is that it is who I am. I have to be methodical in my processes because if it doesn’t make sense – it won’t work. I can’t help it! And the same applies to happiness. It is a choice I make, therefore, if it doesn’t make me happy, I go out and search for what makes me happy.When happiness eludes us, the only thing we can do is seek it out. We need to seek it out in our passions, in the things that make us smile, and most importantly, in the things or aspects of our life that don’t make us smile. It is in the things we don’t love, that we find the path to what makes us truly happy. One might think that it is super easy, but to be honest, finding our happy means asking ourselves those tough questions that we actually can’t avoid answering and have been avoiding for the longest time. The beauty in our happiness lies in answering the touchy questions, and going through the bullshit motions of life and living through it. Once we have lived through it, we know that when we change the narrative, life can only get better because our happiness is our choice.

white-dress-green-necklace-denim-jacketwhite-dress-white-sandalswhite-dress-smileWhat makes you happy? How did you change your narrative?

OOTD: Dress – Gifted | Sandals – Steve Madden | Denim Jacket – Guess | Watch – Michael Kors | Necklace – Banana Republic | Lipstick – Nars | Rings – Winners



... N. xo
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