NyashaMayne | Introducing Blush
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girl in black jacket, grey sweater and blush heels

Introducing Blush

I wore this ensemble – when the weather was not so hot. I am quite particular because I want to make sure that everything ties in well.  This look was about comfort, simplicity, and warmth. With the objective of staying warm, I kept this look low maintenance with a light knight sweater from Zara and some dark-wash jeans.  The blush heels are from Guess and I picked them up from Winners. Disclosure: If you haven’t already guessed, Winners is my go-to place on any given day. I like to showcase my outfits in sections because I feel it shows the look through different angles.

Grey Sweater, Denim and Blush Heels

My stories, just like my photographs, need a beginning and an ending, and I have recently taken a liking to showing the conclusion of the story or my looks – with an image of me as I close out the day.

The blush-tone heels are a simple feminine touch that brightens and accentuates the complete look and takes out the harshness and severity of winter.

Do you have blush in your closet?

OOTD: Peacoat – Banana Republic | Jeans – Hudson | Heels – Guess  | Sweater – Zara | Scarf – H & M  | Jewellery – Winners

... N. xo
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