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I must say that everything about The City of Angels surpassed my expectations!!  The vibe is like any other big city but on a bigger scale, but I think the fact that it is populated with celebrities makes it that much more exciting and  très intéressant! You just never know who you will see at the next turn, and despite our hunting, we only came Djimon Hounsou. Did I ask for a Kodak moment? Ofcourse!! But it was during family time so he kindly rejected. But I did ask! And while I did get denied an epic photo-op, I did manage to get a sneaky one in there! Getting to see a celebrity was the goal in LA so I was happy!

My sister, her friend Ida, and myself – did the whole Hollywood home tour and saw the Hollywood sign, went to Rodeo Drive just like in Pretty Women (sans the limitless plastic card), went to Encino to see the famous non-Kardashian house, the gates of the Jackson compound, went to the Beverly Hills sign and the grocery store where some famous faces get papped!  It was such an exciting trip for me and I felt so in my element even if I was discovering the place. We spent time in Santa Monica and went to the pier made famous by Forrest Gump, and had some fun on the rides, and did the Venice Beach scene. As it so happened, the day we went to the beach, there happened to be a beach party that ended up in LAPD’s finest showing up and barricading the perimeter of the beach and then some choppers showed up all because of some drummers! Such an amazing time and I couldn’t have spent it with a better crowd!

LA is so my scene and I am determined to make it there. With handwork, persistence and by the grace of God, I will make it.

See the trip in pictures!


Hello Cali!!

Hello Cali!!

Beverly Hills

MJ - Hollywood Walk of Fame





Santa Monica




Sunset At Pier


... N. xo
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