NyashaMayne | Little Black Dress Gala
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Little Black Dress Gala

I’ve always been interested in modelling, and putting myself and my body through some gruelling stuff to participate in the talent showcase was just a taste of what this world is like – to a certain extent. When I decided to take the plunge and sign-up to walk the runway for the Little Black Dress Gala in support of the charity – Help Change My City Alliance – that provides outreach for the Lower Mainland’s homeless, marginalized, and at-risk youth – it was a no-brainer.  I did it with no expectations apart from the sheer enjoyment of being apart of something special that would raise awareness and support for a greater good within our community.

Preceding the show, we had a dress fitting where we met the designers we would be walking for and that is where I met the amazing Carolyn Bruce – Carolyn Bruce Designs, Susan Harley and Dallas Eresman. Very different creations and all very eye-catching. Being able to try on the designs in the presence of all the other models, and meeting everyone just heightened the excitement of what to look forward to on show day.Fast-forward to event day, after doing a walk-through with everyone, it was time to get our make-up and hair done. With adrenaline pumping through my veins, heart racing, and in my first look, it was go-time! From the first step onto the runway with the lights shining bright, and music playing – it was all so surreal. I want to say that I walked gracefully, but I probably galloped from all the nerves. I stopped at my markers and I smiled  on cue and the cameras went crazy! My first look was by Dallas and boy did it feel liberating! As a women with a fuller bosom, I wear underwire bras because they offer amazing support. During rehearsal, Dallas had asked if I would be okay to walk without a bra, and while my heart wanted to say “no” my head was like “do it gal!” and so I did. It was liberating! Walking in a room of strangers with no support for the girls was a very gratifying moment for me and one that I smile fondly at. The slip was not designed to be worn with additional pieces. With the soft fabric against my skin in the complimenting gold tones, along with the polka-dot long coat, I felt like a woman stepping out of one of body-positive campaigns were women of all sizes are accepted and loved.  

After walking for Dallas, I quickly changed and walked down the runway in the second designer – Carolyn Bruce. Dressed in a velvet-black catsuit, chunky jewels and accessories, I felt sexy and unstoppable. With the music and the lights, I felt like I was on some sort of high and that nothing – not even Halle Berry in her catsuit – could bring me down from my cloud.

Never having done something like this before, it was not only fun but also exhilarating to be on that runway. It was something that I’d always wanted to do so grabbing this chance was a no brainer at all when it came up on my social feeds. Thank you social media! The whole experience for me felt like a dream but it wasn’t. I’d always thought that I would never be able to walk down a runway because I was “too short” and “too big” to fit into the sample sizes, but it wasn’t the case here. I not only felt fierce and beautiful, but I felt like I deserved to be there. All women and men – sizes and shapes – were celebrated and it was fantastic and beautiful to watch. 

Have you ever done anything that you had been told you were “not the right fit” for? How did you feel when you proved all of your haters wrong? Tell me!

... N. xo
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