NyashaMayne | Man of Few Words: I Do
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Man of Few Words: I Do

Words escape this man; my brother. A solid figure with a quiet demeanour – Calm. Cool. Collected. I’ve known him for twenty-six years as my brother. But now he is not only just that. He is a provider; a husband.

When I thought about writing part deux (two)  – the follow-up to Brother + 1: Wife it seemed simple enough. But when I actually sat down, I only had the few notes to go on that this man – who had taken on a new role – had shared with me. It seemed simple enough but it really wasn’t. I couldn’t find enough words to describe this man – Jeff – who had made this woman (my new sister) – Erin – the happiest woman in the world for the rest of their lives. When I thought back to the week we spent during the #JEFFRIN wedding saga, a plethora of emotions surfaced. Happiness. Love. Emotions.

Jeff Fungai Zindoga. A steady rock. A level-headed man. A man who thinks before he acts. Wise beyond his words. So when he shared the news that he was engaged, I knew that he had found the mate to his soul. Surprised? No. Why? Because knowing who he is – the type of man he has grown up to be – she was the missing piece to his puzzle. Complete.

When it came to delving more into the inner workings of his mind, it was very interesting  and beautiful to see because he says a lot when he doesn’t say much at all.

Lots of precious moments shared.

Peep our interview below and the beautiful pictures by Jacinta Photography.


Q: How did I propose?

A: Early in the morning. I woke up and decided “today is the day”.


Q: What made you fall in love with Erin?

A: She makes me laugh.


Q: When did you know she was “the one”?

A: When she went out of her way to help a friend of mine.

Q: When you look at your relationship, what do you think makes you and Erin the forever kind of love?

A: We always have fun together. [Watching this moment happen just damn near brought me to tears!]

Q: Do you have a couple that you hold as your role model?

A: Sadly, no. We are our own chapter in this book of life, and we are writing our own happy ending.
Q: What were some of the obstacles that you and Erin had to discuss, compromise and overcome within your relationship in order make it work?

A: I wake up far earlier than her, so I get dressed in a different room. [The lack of seriousness from my brother made this interview all the more entertaining].


A man of few words. The most important ones being “I Do“. As he watched his wife walking down the aisle in hand with Barry – her Dad –  he[Jeff] spoke a thousand words in that instant. His eyes conveyed the combustion of emotions and love everlasting. To have watched this moment as it unfolded not only made me an emotional bag, but it touched every single person in that church. A man of few words; yet, his eyes spoke volumes.

Sometimes it is not in what we say, but in what we do. Actions speak louder than words, and in this moment, Jeff spoke and her heart answered. Upon later chatting with my brother about that moment, he tried to deflect and pretend that he couldn’t remember it happening; but, I knew, he knew. Everyone understood the love in that tender moment – so precious, tender.

A man of few words. The most important ones being “I Do“. So beautiful.

– N.M

P.S. – Have you ever had a moment that stole your words but your actions spoke out loud and clear?

... N. xo
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