NyashaMayne | Maui | Beach Day
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Big Beach Day

Maui | Beach Day

Hawaii is known for its endless waterfront picturesque views and its beaches, so it only made sense that there would be beach day. I must confess, as much as I love being a tourist, I also love to just kick back and enjoy the destination and Maui did not disappoint! Little Beach and Big Beach/Makena Beach provided ample backdrop to a lot of picturesque views – and I am not referring to the copious amounts of naked bodies! *Full Disclosure – Little Beach is known for its nudity, therefore unless you are going to be in the nude yourself, you have no reason to be there.*

Maui did not disappoint. The destination is all about relaxation, sand and the endless blue water – the type of water I personally had only seen in magazines and the Sandals commercials. It’s paradise.

While walking around Maui, the one thing that I noticed was that the locals enjoyed their playground and made damn good use of all the beautiful sunrises and waves at any chance. Every morning, there were people making their way with their surf gear to catch the first waves, and what fascinated me more was that people lived in their board shorts and bikini’s for the soul fact that regardless of where one was – one could access the water at a moment’s notice. I loved it! Having sussed out the city vibe, I made sure I dressed for the occasion, participated in some beach frolicking and took in some Vitamin D while wearing my SPF 30.

I’m not a water baby and I don’t proclaim to be, so while mid-frolic and still trying to look cute, one would surely understand the moment of fear that gripped me when the waves took a life form of their own and dunked me. The sheer panic that raced through my mind when I realized what was about to happen was captured in this one epic picture!

Getting dunked by the ocean

I took a nasty tumble – and ended up closer to the shore as a result. Let’s just say that the tide washed me in, and out of the water. After that, my fun in the water was done. Some sea water went into my mouth, my eyes, my hair … and sand got into every crevice that sand shouldn’t be in. It took days to wash it all out!! I took this selfie a few moments after I was able to gain some composure and had dried myself off to the best of my ability.  I was pissed – at the ocean – and all those fun and amazing thoughts I had many moments before of how “Baywatch” this was going to be were gone. Poof!

Needles to say, after my ordeal, we made the most of the sunshine, sand and whales … and did some drone work.*Disclaimer – This is not my drone, but I had fun flying it and learning more about this amazing technology*. Coming away from the beach adventure, I definitely walked away with a new appreciation for life after my ordeal. My getting dunked taught me that nothing is as it seems, and that anything and everything can change in a split second. I already knew this, but getting dunked sure did reinforce this lesson!

Have you ever been caught off-guard by something or someone in a moment that was supposed to be fun and happy? How did you react?

... N. xo
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