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Maui | Sustenance

I love my food. Period. I love to eat and I make sure that when I travel, I do my research before hand so I know where I need to go and what I need to try – and then from there, I venture out. This trip was no different.

As a “foodie”, I did my research on what was great and where to go on the island and I was not disappointed at all. Asking the locals for recommendations as well was not lost on me because who would know their own backyard better?! I must disclose that this piece is a little different because while others would detail every food stop, I am actually going to limit it to a few of the places that knocked it out of the water for me – based on three factors: food, atmosphere, service – all the things that would make re-visit.

Monkey Pod, Wailea

With their drool-worthy Instagram feed, and coming highly recommended by the locals, it was a no-brainer. The Wailea location was the closet to us so we donned our best dress and made it out to this cute little spot that is nicely tucked away from prying eyes.

The menu was filled with endless options of delicious goodness fit for a wide array of palettes. For me, being on an island meant seafood heaven, therefore, a lot of the options I picked were seafood based. The cocktails at Monkey Pod were fabulous but their signature drink – the Monkeypod Mai Tai – was absolutely delicious and my favourite. The staff were so lovely and attentive which added to the overall experience. The food was heavenly and so tasty! They had my tastebuds buzzing. The decor was was surf-shop inspired and artistic – surfboards hanging from the ceiling, bright murals on the far walls and interesting pieces of wood. The vibe was chilled and family friendly – yet date night appropriate for the lovers in the room. The live music as well definitely upped the anti as it created an air of familiarity and intimacy.


Shearwater Tavern, Kihei

We happened to stumble across this little tucked away place after stopping for some gas. It is such a gem of a place! It was a fun and rambunctious atmosphere which is always great to have in every community. Definitely family friendly but after 9pm it’s the place to be for a local catch-up with friends while enjoying some libations and good food! 

The food was delicious and fresh! I had the Lobster Roll which was very satisfying and filling! My love for seafood is on another level – therefore, when I am in a place where seafood is in abundance, I take full advantage of it! I blame Halifax, NS for my love for all seafood because four years in a city that is surrounded by the ocean only stirs up trouble and an insatiable love for seafood.

Kimo’s Maui, Lahaina

Kimo’s was great! Talk about waterfront dining!! The views were out of the this world and the food and ambiance were just wonderful. We were seated on the deck overlooking the ocean and in the distance you could see whales – or to be more correct – you could see the blowholes when the whales resurfaced for air. As the sun was setting, the sky turned different hues of orange, purple and pink. It was the perfect backdrop to any evening on the island. The staff were so attentive, the ambiance – AMAZING – and the food was delicious. The Poke (pronounced poh-keh) was just so yummy and mouthwatering. I believe the image below best sums up my whole experience in Maui when it came to food. Mouthwatering. 

I definitely ate way too much seafood but for me, that’s what the island was about. Fresh fruit and succulent fish. My love for all things fish burgeoned from my time in Halifax, NS as aforementioned, and it has continued to grow. It is my kryptonite … that and dessert! 

While these are my top three places of where we ate, we did eat at a fair number of other places and tried so many things under the sun when it came to different dishes that were local to the island.

What is your weakness when it comes to food?

... N. xo
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