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Humbled by the experience, I will definitely be signing up to do it again … but just the half. I figure that if I continue with my training, I can be ready for next year’s BMO Vancouver Marathon or  any half marathon. With goals to raise funds for social impact and community good, making the choice to run the half-marathon is a no-brainer. After all, I have completed the Vancouver Sun Run twice of which you can read about here and here, which I feel has set me up well … now I just need to do the distance and then some in one go. 

As a last minute back-up, I ended up signing up as part of the relay team. And hells yeah … I opted for the smallest route; but, only because I could. And I really couldn’t see myself running further than 5KM. My amazing teammates all completed their routes except for one who fainted due to heat exhaustion, which is a very big reminder that staying hydrated is very important. She was okay after receiving treatment, but it definitely was a scary moment for all of us. 

Having just come off the tails of the Sun Run, I was just really happy to be out there with other runners. It was humbling to talk to the other relay racers (while the marathon runners zoomed by us) as we waited for the “baton” passing (which was a belt with a chip on it). I enjoyed hearing about why they had decided to sign up for the race and with excitement on their face, I could see they loved every minute of the wait. Some were doing it because it was a ritual for them as a group, others were first-time runners and others were just doing it … just because. It was a beautiful day to run and any excuse to be out with good people while vibing off their good energy was a good enough reason in my books to be out and about.


From my previous post, I definitely shared some of the struggles I had which I feel I was able to turn into nuggets of wisdom this time around.

What I Learned from The Sun Run

  • Continue to set goals and strive for them.
  • Discipline is required and the rewards are amazing.
  • Don’t give up, no matter how much pain the body is in.

Why I Continue to Run

  • Running enables me to escape. It’s a release from the chaos around me.
  • Pushing my body to its limits makes me feel indestructible.
  • Crossing the finish line feels so damn good!

It was the perfect day to run. Sun shining; no breeze; just miles of  green and scenic vistas. My mind roamed the streets as my heart thumped in my chest to the beat of my feet pounding the pavement. And the best part after finishing … MY MEDAL!!!!! What a humbling moment. *happy dance*

JPEG image-983DBCAE6CB5-1

To all the runners out there, why do you run? Do you have any advice for a spring chicken runner such as myself?

... N. xo
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