NyashaMayne | My love affair with Seattle!
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My love affair with Seattle!

No matter what time of the year it is, I always find some solace in Seattle! With it being located only about 2.5 hours away (maximum), I love the fact that if and when I want to get away from Vancouver, I can escape to another city for the weekend in a different country altogether. I can be someone new in  a different crowd, and it is refreshing. Every time I have been to Seattle, I have always discovered something new about it. While it feels like a small city when I am there, when I turn onto unrecognizable streets and find that I’ve entered a totally different part of the city, my heart skips a beat! Almost immediately, I find that I get euphoric and giddy! I am like a big kid!

I’ve spent time in Seattle for various reasons – birthdays, wedding dress shopping, and concerts – but my love affair’s root is deeply embedded in between the sheets of paper brought to life by the Fifty Shades of Grey books (which you should read if you haven’t already), and of course Lady Shonda Rhimes and Grey’s Anatomy!!! Seattle was the home of Grey’s Anatomy long before Christian Grey took over Escala! Pure and simple! LOL. But despite whose home turf it was first, I was ecstatic when during my adventures on my first trip I stumbled upon Escala!! YES!!! Home to Mr. Grey! Unfortunately, no one was home at that time but I did manage a few snaps!

I remember my first road-trip to Seattle and I literally screamed as I saw the Seattle skyline. Despite it raining for my first encounter with the city, I still fell in love. It was beautiful and different! Now, I am a seasoned traveller but sometimes (despite my grown woman age), I turn into a big kid, and when I saw the Space Needle for the first time – I was a kid! I also took a video of that moment when I was entering into Seattle for the first time so peep that below!

After my first trip to Seattle, where I did all the “touristy” things like going to wait in line at the first Starbucks location, only to get super fatigued and then jumped into the little place next door called La Panier, which is amazing and my favourite spot to head to for sweet treats and coffee, or going up the Space Needle and trying to take pictures in the middle of a wet storm, or going to the flagship Nordstrom store, or enjoying Pike Place Market, I now go to the city to enjoy its simplest pleasures. As a foodie, I always like to try different spots to eat so either asking for recommendations from the front desk staff, or referring to Open Table are my 2 go-to places where I cross-reference. But, to date… Lola‘s has been my favourite experience. The food, the vibe, the wine…Beautiful and Delicious!

What do I love about Seattle? The vibe of the city is so chilled! It’s big in terms of size, the architecture is different to what I am used to seeing in Vancouver (despite Fifty Shades of Grey being filmed in Vancouver). But the city itself has a different feel to it. Another great thing about it is that despite it being so big, you can walk everywhere which is nice when I am gallivanting around and just chasing the pavement.

Come rain or shine, I always make the most of the trip when I go see my love! Take a peep at some moments from my time spent with my lover! I hope you fall in love with it too.












... N. xo
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