NyashaMayne | New Year Resolutions Goals
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New Year Resolutions Goals

The new year is a time to reset – and I think we can all agree that when January 1st came – it was time to “start afresh”. That’s an interesting concept of time because why do we have to wait until January 1st to get real about the work we need to do to be a better version of ourselves? I pose this question to you, but I had to ask myself that same question in order to write this piece. As a result of my question, I summed it down to this: Self-improvement is never a bad thing, but it shouldn’t be something that has to wait until January.

In the last six days, I have stopped asking people what their resolutions are. Why? Because, they are all the same:

“I want to lose weight”.

“I want to be debt-free”.

“I’m going to take the time to work on me”.

“I want … I need to … I’m going to”. Ugh! Because of these responses, it made me wonder, when did we lose sight of setting goals for ourselves, and why do the elusive “resolutions” take centre stage? From experience, as well as asking others, we don’t really regard these resolutions highly or keep them longer than the first three weeks of January. Now, I am not saying that the “wants” or “needs” aren’t achievable without commitment and hard work; but, how about setting attainable goals with a shorter life-span? Goals that you hold yourself accountable to, and can check-in and re-adjust – if and when needed. Goals that when we achieve them, are recognized as a monumental win, because with each monumental win, you get to cross it off the list as you move down to the next one.

With this thought of goals in mind, I decided to set a theme  for myself for the rest of the year: New Year; Better Me (You). The choice of setting goals leads us to a better version of ourselves, which I believe we all want to be. We can never be “new” per se, but we can definitely take the necessary steps that can help us get closer to the best version of ourselves. This is the crux of it all, because instead of trying to set ourselves up for failure with grande resolutions, we can set attainable goals.

Saying (or writing) this, I challenge you to write down 12 goals for the year.  Why 12? Because by setting one goal per month,  at the end of each month, you can check in with yourself or your partner (if you have one) and discuss how it is going … or not going. Discussion – especially when individual goals may indirectly or directly affect another – should be discussed because your partner can offer an alternative/advice on how to best complete said goal in a way that benefits you and them. After each goal, you move onto the next goal … and the next .. and the next. You keep the flow going – old goal crossed out; new goal loaded and ready to go. Monthly goals are achievable because there is an end date in sight. By working on this monthly rule, you will feel more accomplished in life and will be much happier as you see progress and things shifting in your favour.

So … why don’t you chuck those resolutions out and set some goals? The month just started (six days ago), so there is plenty of time to revisit those resolutions and make them into bite-size digestible goals.

You are probably wondering – this woman has been selling me on setting my goals, but what is her goal? My goal for this month is to deliver new and exciting content each week so watch out! 

Do you accept the challenge? If “yes”, what is your first goal of the month?

... N. xo
  • Luke
    Posted at 00:18h, 07 January Reply

    This is a great Article. All to often our ambitious goals on December 31st don’t make it past March. I’m going to take your advice – My first goal is to finish my prototype VR project before Feb. It has been a while since I have seen a project all the way through. I’m looking forward to updating this site with my progress. Great work.

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