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About me
About me
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Personally, I always feel better after going to the gym; and when I am in  the rhythm, I never think twice about how my day will end because a workout is in store for me. But, this time around was a little tricky because after a long hiatus and a great comeback when the new year started, I didn't think I would fall off the wagon ... let alone, have sickness kick me off my game as much as it did. I speak for everyone when I say that, "being sick sucks ass so much," because you are limited to what you can put the body through because the body is already in a weak state.
Relocating your life is never easy; more so when you're old enough to know that you're leaving your old life and will have to start a new one somewhere completely foreign as opposed to when you're just a young one. That was me fifteen (15) years ago this July. WOW! Sitting here and counting the years gone by is making me feel all kinds of emotions because I was so young when we immigrated to Scotland. Fresh out of the sun, and into a country that made everything feel like we had just gone to the North Pole, or something quite close to it.
I had been waiting to see Trevor Noah since I was introduced to him in my 3rd year of university. I was crashing at my friend's place as I still hadn't found accommodation and my friend had a bunch of Trevor's work to watch so we indulged. And boy was I glad I took the time to sit and watch because I never laughed as hard as I did until then. He was just a South African comedian touring and living life, but the truth in his jokes made everything so relatable. And then he became a superstar and moved to America! He had been to the East coast (Toronto, Montreal) and even made it to the West coast apart from Vancouver, so when it was finally announced that he would be doing a show in Vancouver as part of the Just For Laughs Northwest comedy festival I jumped on those tickets!