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About me
About me
About me
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Do you ever spend time by yourself? Just you. By one. Solo. Do you think that spending time by yourself is normal, especially when you know you can call your friends to hang out; or have your partner as your +1 (plus one in all activities); or just call someone because you don't want to do something by yourself? Why is this concept of solo-time (time spent in your own company) such a foreign concept to some?

It all comes to a climax when we ourselves realize that through all the bull-crap and the struggles that we face, everything is going to be okay.

Please find your voice and find your purpose before it’s too late.  - Nicki Minaj


Have you ever had that moment where you are so sure but something called "FEAR" holds you back?! I have had that moment. Many times. And every single time, I push through. Regardless of what I think the outcome will be. And it most cases, I'm never right!! The outcome always surprises me and it's in those moments that I wonder, "What the hell was I so worried about?!"