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About me
About me
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Words escape this man; my brother. A solid figure with a quiet demeanour - Calm. Cool. Collected. I've known him for twenty-six years as my brother. But now he is not only just that. He is a provider; a husband.

When I thought about writing part deux (two)  - the follow-up to Brother + 1: Wife it seemed simple enough. But when I actually sat down, I only had the few notes to go on that this man - who had taken on a new role - had shared with me. It seemed simple enough but it really wasn't. I couldn't find enough words to describe this man - Jeff - who had made this woman (my new sister) - Erin - the happiest woman in the world for the rest of their lives. When I thought back to the week we spent during the #JEFFRIN wedding saga, a plethora of emotions surfaced. Happiness. Love. Emotions.

Jeff Fungai Zindoga. A steady rock. A level-headed man. A man who thinks before he acts. Wise beyond his words. So when he shared the news that he was engaged, I knew that he had found the mate to his soul. Surprised? No. Why? Because knowing who he is - the type of man he has grown up to be - she was the missing piece to his puzzle. Complete.

When it came to delving more into the inner workings of his mind, it was very interesting  and beautiful to see because he says a lot when he doesn't say much at all.

Lots of precious moments shared.

Peep our interview below and the beautiful pictures by Jacinta Photography.


As one of the events during the Hapa-palooza Festival, spending the evening in the company of the great literary mind that is Lawrence Hill – author of The Book of Negroes and the recently released The Illegal, was fantastic! Margaret Gallagher - an award-winning CBC radio host – provided guidance throughout the evening as she sat across from Lawrence during the intimate the evening. book-of-negroes-220 The Q + A portion of the evening begun with a viewing of a few scenes from the CBC mini-series - The Book of Negroes. Having read the book and watched the series, it was so insightful to hear just how much input Lawrence had in the whole process, and of course, he answered for some of the cuts and changes they made to ensure a good reception from the visual audience.
Where: Roger's Arena When: August 31, 2015   I had been long-awaiting this show since I had bought my ticket online, so when they day came, I was super stoked!!


This woman, who is not defined by a single genre but encompasses the definition of a creative artist; a musician - a true performer. She graced us with her humble soul and beautiful voice on the opening night of her Unbreakable Tour. Decked out in white - which is just so her - connotations of innocence and re-birth - she gave us a show to remember! Promoting her upcoming studio album Unbreakable, and  this being her first tour in four years, she dazzled and delivered! Entering the stage with her club banger featuring Missy Elliott, she set the tone for the evening! Taking us down memory lane and proving to us that she still has the moves, she performed all of her major hits that we know and love and so many more - Together Again, All For You, Escapade, I Get So Lonely, Rhythm Nation and Scream ... I could go on for a while! I found that she moved in her own way but reminiscent of her brother, the late Michael Jackson. So beautiful. She did also sample some of her new album which I am really excited to receive when it comes out, and while it is a different sound and vibe, it is still true to who she is - Outrageous. Fun. Sexy. To say I had fun would be an understatement, because I had a GREAT time!! Even though I went #solo, I ended up making a new friend who is now my partner-in-crime when taking in music shows! My parting words to you are, if you get a chance to see her during this tour or any other tour, I definitely say GO FOR IT!!! You won't regret it! Peep some of my pics below!   xo 837B43D9-5746-44C3-9ED2-A86AEBD0CB91