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About me
About me
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When: Sunday, October 11, 2015 Where: The Commodore Ballroom Her soulful sound and infectious laughter makes you want to continue to listen to her and have her tell you fun stories of life...

This past weekend, I ran the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation #CIBCRunForTheCure 5KM. The weather was beautiful and it felt like summer all over again in Vancouver. I couldn't have picked a better day for the run with the clear blue sky and the sun shining high. #BeautifulBritishColumbia FullSizeRender 3 I signed up because I am a woman who is very conscious of the severity of breast cancer and acknowledge that awareness needs to be raised. Breast cancer research needs to continue so that the future generations can one day live in a world where breast cancer is no more. I know many survivors. Brave women who have fought this disease; and others who continue to fight this disease everyday. Women I admire, and who give me strength unbeknownst to them. They are strong for fighting this disease and the fact that they do it with such elegance and grace is beautiful, despite how brutal the battle is.

Words escape this man; my brother. A solid figure with a quiet demeanour - Calm. Cool. Collected. I've known him for twenty-six years as my brother. But now he is not only just that. He is a provider; a husband.

When I thought about writing part deux (two)  - the follow-up to Brother + 1: Wife it seemed simple enough. But when I actually sat down, I only had the few notes to go on that this man - who had taken on a new role - had shared with me. It seemed simple enough but it really wasn't. I couldn't find enough words to describe this man - Jeff - who had made this woman (my new sister) - Erin - the happiest woman in the world for the rest of their lives. When I thought back to the week we spent during the #JEFFRIN wedding saga, a plethora of emotions surfaced. Happiness. Love. Emotions.

Jeff Fungai Zindoga. A steady rock. A level-headed man. A man who thinks before he acts. Wise beyond his words. So when he shared the news that he was engaged, I knew that he had found the mate to his soul. Surprised? No. Why? Because knowing who he is - the type of man he has grown up to be - she was the missing piece to his puzzle. Complete.

When it came to delving more into the inner workings of his mind, it was very interesting  and beautiful to see because he says a lot when he doesn't say much at all.

Lots of precious moments shared.

Peep our interview below and the beautiful pictures by Jacinta Photography.