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About me
About me
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First thing to pack - bug spray! If there is anything that I learned the hard way from this trip is this one important detail – take bug spray. On the first full day on the island, I was the dish of the day for mosquitoes – and I have the bites to prove it! I learned my lesson that it is an essential part of any hot destination. 
Hawaii is known for its endless waterfront picturesque views and its beaches, so it only made sense that there would be beach day. I must confess, as much as I love being a tourist, I also love to just kick back and enjoy the destination and Maui did not disappoint! Little Beach and Big Beach/Makena Beach provided ample backdrop to a lot of picturesque views – and I am not referring to the copious amounts of naked bodies! *Full Disclosure - Little Beach is known for its nudity, therefore unless you are going to be in the nude yourself, you have no reason to be there.*
The options were endless – but I wish I could say the same about the budget – which was a very critical part in deciding where to go. A few friends (who wanted to remain behind the lens) and I decided to take a short break to a beach destination to regroup and rejuvenate. As a savvy shopper, I employed the same thought process about where to go given the time frame we had – somewhere close, sunny, offered endless amounts of relaxation and fun. We put our heads together and came up with a short list of places to go, and after deliberating flight times, and maximum days of vacation, Hawaii was the pick – Maui to be specific.