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Remember to Smile

If anything is as guilt-free and makes a day that little bit more special, it’s a smile. It’s free. It brings the best out in a person. And most importantly, it creates a feeling of warmth and love.

You unconsciously smile when you say, “Hello” to your parents, siblings, partner, colleague and a stranger. It’s a measure of sincerity – an acknowledgement of the mutual respect for the other. It’s a way of connecting with the other person and solidifying that mutual bond. An appreciation. And … it makes us look good! Without giving myself a big head, I have been complimented on how great my smile is and just how welcoming it is. If I put a dime away for every time I was complimented on my smile, I’d be a super rich woman! But that is not the point. Now, my pearly whites have quite the interesting and hilarious story behind them. When I was about seven (7) and running relay races with the other kids that lived in my sister’s apartment complex, I went face first into concrete. Ouch! You can only imagine the beating that my face took. Literally! I was all scratched up – broken skin and blood; but, my teeth – they took the most insane beating ever! I was left with half of my left maxillary central incisor (front tooth) as the other had been laid to rest … when I hit the concrete. I was young. And it was all about the relay races. That being said, I now have a filling to complete the pearly whites which I get touched up as needed from my dentist at Royal Centre Dental Group – thanks, Dr. Bernhauser! Dental health is just as important as the rest of your health. Therefore, take care of them pearly whites people!

There was an article last year in the Huffington Post that talked about some of the best reasons to smile that I wanted to share. Some of my personal reasons to smile include:

  1. It makes someone else happy;
  2. Smiling leads to laughter (in most cases, which is very contagious) and laughing with people I care about is never a bad thing at all; and
  3. Smiling just feels so damn good.

Maybe it has to do with my optimistic outlook on life, but I can’t help but smile every day because … I can. And life is good. Amazing even! So if you can’t smile about that – because you can – then I have no idea what would make you smile. If you don’t smile enough, then it’s time to crank up that smile-o-meter!! Make someone’s day that little bit more special.


... N. xo
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