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Running For Every Woman I Know

This past weekend, I ran the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation #CIBCRunForTheCure 5KM. The weather was beautiful and it felt like summer all over again in Vancouver. I couldn’t have picked a better day for the run with the clear blue sky and the sun shining high. #BeautifulBritishColumbia

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I signed up because I am a woman who is very conscious of the severity of breast cancer and acknowledge that awareness needs to be raised. Breast cancer research needs to continue so that the future generations can one day live in a world where breast cancer is no more. I know many survivors. Brave women who have fought this disease; and others who continue to fight this disease everyday. Women I admire, and who give me strength unbeknownst to them. They are strong for fighting this disease and the fact that they do it with such elegance and grace is beautiful, despite how brutal the battle is.

Breast Cancer Does Not Discriminate Against Race, Age, Gender, Nor Economic Status. It’s Not Selfish. What we cherish – material things and non – can become so meaningless in an instant. What we hold dear to us becomes nothing because  when you receive a breast mass diagnosis, your whole world changes. My whole world rocked when my doctor told me that she felt lumps in my left breast. I was only 23! You can read all about it in my previous post titled Lady Lumps.

What I learned is that Early Detection Is Key!

Feel your breasts. Don’t let him, her or anybody without a medical designation feel them up for you! Get intimate and know your curvature. There are so many diagrams and videos that show you how to check yourself, and when it doubt, book an appointment with your doctor. It’s worth the few minutes so you don’t have to deal with this unwanted disease named Breast Cancer.

October is Breast Cancer Month….but women fight everyday. Help the fight and donate to the cause.

#EarlyDetectionIsKey #CIBCRunForTheCure #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth #October #

... N. xo
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