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Shades of Blue

I love to experiment with my closet and have fun with it. Sometimes I like to be the corporate powerhouse I feel I am and wear a power suite, while other times, I like to keep it simple and fun. This look is just that – simple and fun! I wore this shift dress from Smartset (defunct) that I have had in my closet for a few years. It’s simple, chic and easy and the vibrancy of the different shades of blue are not only eye-catching and striking, but are also not your everyday go-to. In this heat, this is the perfect dress! 

Being the woman in blue not only allowed me to feel confident and self-assured in myself, but the colour is also a representation of my character. I am reliable to a fault, sincere, serious yet understanding, and tranquil. Furthermore, the colour blue also denotes trust, responsibility, honesty and loyalty. Spring and Summer are the times where I usher in more colour into my life that demonstrates and conveys who I am and do my best not wear the blacks or greys of Winter and Fall. People always laugh when I tell them that “I dress according to my mood” because each day is so different and brings its own set of emotions that I have to dress accordingly. Therefore, while I know I may look good because I put effort into presentation, what I wear is a reflection of my personality and who I am.I completed the look with these Zara striped pumps which are just an everyday basic, a denim jacket, a black clutch and my favourite YSL sunnies. I kept my makeup look very simple, minimal and clean and opted for soft pink lips. I also kept my jewellery very simple with a Fossil, a Pandora bracelet and a silver chain from Stella & Dot. When it is hot, there is no reason to have more on than necessary.

I believe that it is definitely an essential part of every woman’s closet to have a few shift dresses because when it gets hot and you just need something light, the shift dress is the first thing you will grab. One still looks professional and classy without being uncomfortable and sweaty which is so key in weather like this. You don’t have to break the bank trying to keep cool in the summer heat especially when you can spend your coin at Happy Hour! I am someone who runs into that trap time and again, but there are so many options available for women at virtually every price-point that one can look good regardless. And what’s even better is that it only matters how you wear it and not how much it cost. Confidence!!

Do you have one or a few shift dresses in your closet? What does your closet say about you?  

OOTD: Shift Dress – Smart Set | Pumps – Zara | Watch – Fossil | Bracelet – Pandora | Clutch – Moss Copenhagen | Necklace – Stella & Dot

... N. xo
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