NyashaMayne | Summer Solstice
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Summer Solstice

With summer in the air, the closet is rejuvenated with colours and blissful patterns that make the soul smile. Summer solstice marks the calendar as the first official day(s) of summer and signifies a noticeable change in the mood for all. 

During that period from Spring to Summer, we go through that phase of transitioning from the dreary, muggy and ugly weather and into the vibrant and fresh surroundings. It’s a breath of fresh air. We are so hopeful of the new season and what’s in store – whether it is of our doing or not – so much so that we want to move at lightning speed. With the anticipation of summer in the air, we look forward to the opportunities that are unplanned because it makes summer so … worth it. Staying open for all the wonderful things that could happen and just letting the wind blow or sun shine is what summer is about.

To mark the beginning of summer I put this look together to celebrate the new season and the unknown. I dress according to my mood and you will see me write this A LOT but that is the truth. This is not the first or last time you will see me in florals or pink hues or posing in front of bright colourful walls, but when I woke up I had this image of flowers, bright colours, fun and adventure  on my mind – the definition of summer and the unknown.

When I think about summer I get happy and high on life. I think about laughing with friends and capturing the moments. This look captures my feelings to a T  – playful, joyful, warm and fun – all the words I would use to describe summer and myself. With the new season, I am reminded of summers past and fun memories created … and excitement. Excitement of the new friends, the countless happy hours, and the sun. Oh, the sun. We don’t get to see the sun very often here so when it shines, we make sure to bathe in all of its glory and beauty. We enjoy the moments and create new memories and these pictures are just the beginning. The beginning of a season filled with endless hours of precious moments spent in the company of loved ones.

What do you look forward to this summer? What do you hope for?

OOTD: Dress – French Connection | Heels – Aldo (Similar) | Watch – The Horse | Ring – Le Chateau | Earrings – Expression | Clutch – Moss Copenhagen

... N. xo
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