NyashaMayne | The Vancouver Sun Run – A Feat on its Own!
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The Vancouver Sun Run – A Feat on its Own!

NO JOKE!! 10KM for a person who has not ran in too many years to count is a feat on its own. While I put my body through a somewhat rigourous yet relaxing build up to the day, nothing would have prepared me for the 48 hours after the race. My ankles felt like they would fold into themselves, my knees felt like they would give in and my hips just did not know what exactly what was going on. They still don’t!!! But despite the pain, I felt and still feel triumphant because I honestly never thought I could and would do something like run a 10KM race and cross the finish line in 1hr 20 min. A feat on its own I tell you!! While the race was the Sunday last, I have since re-committed to my gym with a fervour of wanting to excel in fitness and health, but have also decided to go on a “May Cleanse”. I think it sums itself up quite nicely 🙂

The Lion King Musical Soundtrack played an instrumental part in my run as I had it on repeat all the way. I’m a big kid really when it comes to Disney and I have a soft spot for this movie. It was the first one I ever saw at the cinema! At moments when I felt like giving up, the right song would come on. My ears would be buzzing to “He lives in you; He lives in me; He watches over; Everything we see” and I’d run a little further…until I saw BC Place and the end was close. It is such a powerful movie and musical!! I’m a sucker for Disney and that movie is my absolute favourite – right before The Notebook, Pretty Woman, The Color Purple, Love Jones … and the list goes on! But back to what I was saying, by far my favourite movie and I can confidently say that at the tender age of 24. I just never get tired of it!

Decked out in Nike, I thought I looked like a cool runner. Like an almost “pro” but the reason behind my Nike obsession is because I love the brand, love how it feels and I’ve never had matching workout/running gear until now. My fitness has just been something I have been working on since I graduated so I am happy to be the proud owner of some fetching workout threads. So now I looking like a champion all the time but I am still learning the ropes. But I love it!!! Next on the list is some bright neon color shirts!! YAY!!!

Before this 10K run, I had never thought I could start and finish a marathon. I was never at the fitness level I thought I needed to be at to be able to challenge my body to that capacity. But when I decided to run, I started training more and challenging myself more and building up the stamina I needed for such a race. For me, the key take-away from that day is that I can do anything I put my mind to. It takes time and dedication in a lot of areas of life, but once you commit then you must. In the long run and in life, I just have to work on whatever it it I want to achieve and picture the finish line because it is there! Visualize the goal! Never give up! Keep living and keep moving!

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