NyashaMayne | To The Beat Of My Drum
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To The Beat Of My Drum

A print always brings out your personality in a way that people would never have imagined. It’s a statement piece that speaks volumes. Just like a lipstick or a pair of shoes would help define a person’s personality, any piece of clothing helps tell their story. 

Walk in the shoes that makes the road less travelled your own experience. No one ever has the same experience twice and that is where the beauty lies. Your favourite piece of cake will always be that; but, it will never taste like it did when you first put it in your mouth that first time.

Shirt and time

Take the time to be your own person. This is so crucial especially with the constant bombardment of noise coming from all directions. It’s important that we walk our own path to the beat of our own drum instead of trying to copy that girl or guy who you have a love/hate relationship with or that celebrity who is so on point right now that everything they do is like fireworks. It may seem like fireworks but their highlight reel is not your life and you shouldn’t aspire to or want that. Make your own damn highlight reel that showcases you in all your glory! Don’t waste time comparing and contrasting between what they have and what you have. Your life is your story, so write a damn good book!Walking in alleyIMG_7053.jpgIMG_7064.jpgLaughingStand for what you believe in and don’t let anyone tell you that you AND your ideas don’t matter. Your drum and heart has every right to beat as loud as the next person’s, and most importantly, your vision has every right to be in existence. Tell your story your way. IMG_7117.jpgIMG_7114.jpgIMG_7138.jpgThrough the motions, don’t forget to take a seat and admire what you have done and what you are currently doing. We get so carried away with #makingmagic and #creatingourbestlife that we don’t actually take a minute to realize how far we have come which is wrong because we all need a moment to reflect on just what we have done. It allows us to appreciate the moment and what the sacrifice is about. 

This shirt inspired the piece. I got this linen shirt at Winners a few years ago and it’s been in rotation for a minute. It’s print is so unique and screams individuality. When I put it on I was inspired to share these thoughts with you because like I mentioned, in a world where we are constantly bombarded with noise, we need to seek and run with our own individuality because that is what makes us special. There is only one me and I am proud to share myself with the world. And so should  you. Be fierce in your light and own your truth because no one else is going to do it for you. Beat to your own drum and let us hear your sound.

Do you take a moment to reflect on moments passed when you are creating your best life? Do you stand behind every single thing you do? Do you beat to your own drum?

OOTD: Jeans – JBrand | Shirt – Winners | Shoes – Aldo | Watch – Michael Kors | Necklace – Stella & Dot | Earrings – Expression | Purse – Christopher Kon Collab

... N. xo
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