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Trevor Noah

I had been waiting to see Trevor Noah since I was introduced to him in my 3rd year of university. I was crashing at my friend’s place as I still hadn’t found accommodation and my friend had a bunch of Trevor’s work to watch so we indulged. And boy was I glad I took the time to sit and watch because I never laughed as hard as I did until then. He was just a South African comedian touring and living life, but the truth in his jokes made everything so relatable. And then he became a superstar and moved to America! He had been to the East coast (Toronto, Montreal) and even made it to the West coast apart from Vancouver, so when it was finally announced that he would be doing a show in Vancouver as part of the Just For Laughs Northwest comedy festival I jumped on those tickets!

I wasn’t surprised that he was sold out because the last time a black comedian came to Vancouver – that being Kevin Hart at the Orpheum gig in 2012 (before he became Kevin Hart 2.0, and he became the face of Nike, and he was in almost every funny blockbuster coming out at the cinema and he was playing big stadiums) – not surprised at all. What I was more surprised about was the visible representation of minorities at his show. It was amazing to see such a diverse crowd supporting him because I honestly had not and have not seen such a turnout before for a black stand-up comedian. I say this because when Kevin Hart came to Vancouver, the black community of Vancouver turned out to get turned up!! So seeing the crowd that this past Friday night drew out at his show, not only showed the fact that he is very liked, but it also showed that people are invested in him as an entertainer. 

With his current gig as the host of The Daily Show amped his newly minted celebrity status which my sister and I both celebrated when he was quoted on some major reporting outlets including but not limited to The National Post and Huffington Post after the Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy performance, we were ecstatic!



Anyway, his show was great and his jokes, while they aired on the side of being brutally honest, they were still funny! I mean, there is a reason why people use the word “serviette” over “napkin” sometimes!!

To say that we walked out without our rib cages hurting from the laughter would be a lie. He delivered and was very well received! And the fact that he is not bad to look at, is one major incentive to go to his shows apart from his comical, witty and smart banter! He is worth every penny!


Comedy Central

... N. xo
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