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Cleansing the body; cleansing the soul. Closing one chapter. Time for a fresh start.

This month, I spent an afternoon in a sanctuary of peace and tranquility – peace of the mind; peace of the body; peace of the soul. All the while, nurturing the heart.

The Miraj Hammam Spa  is a place of cleansing and healing for both body and soul. While deep in thought; past, present and envisioning the future, I bared my all within the walls of this treasure whose name encompasses the definition of the silent doctor; Hammam. As I lay on the slab – naked – I received the most invigorating scrub (which I swear is A MUST for both men and women) that left my skin glowing and soft. While laying there, I retreated into my thoughts and reflected on the current year that is coming to a close. 

2015 is the year that taught me to take chances, live fearlessly and  live my life unapologetically.

This year was my year of self-discovery into the woman I constantly envisioned and continuously work towards being. For every woman it is different, which is why I cannot generalize my vision with that of any of the women I know. My list was personal to me, and while I couldn’t complete some of the things on my own, the path traveled was my own. My delving more in the areas where I felt empty was a big part of 2015, and the ability to do it with no forecast in sight was all part of the learning process.  A lot of that blind trust had to do with my own spiritual journey that pulled me closer into my faith; into my soul and most importantly, into the unwavering trust between me and my God. While walking in faith and trusting, I found what I was seeking, and my soul was soothed. 

2015 taught me to love thy self (self-love). It taught me to take care of me – as I am my own #1.

I learned to prioritize my wants and my needs in all my relationships, and while that may sound selfish, sometimes we all need to be just that – selfish. I chose to do me and love me unconditionally and do what was and is best for me. I may have disappointed some, hurt others, and left people in the dust; but, to be in my life [now], you had to be down with me then or not be in it at all. I know I am not always right, but it is in constantly learning that I not only better myself; but as a result, constantly surround myself with the right people. Self-importance and the preservation of self is so important in life, and I implore it on everyone I meet who hasn’t realized that self-love and self-care come before anybody else because you can’t do right by someone else if you can’t do right by your own self. Self-worth. Self-love. Self-preservation. Self-everything. Priority or Option

2015 taught me the importance of family through the precious moments shared.

For very obvious reasons. I thought it fitting to transition from self into family. Personally, all I can say is that, the bond that I have with my family runs deep. And that’s the type of bond you always want – regardless of how much wrong your people can do. As the saying goes, blood is thicker than water! Watching the family grow, Brother + 1: Wife and sharing in some more private moments, brought us closer, and to the tipping point of annoyance. Anyone from a big family knows that sometimes when you spend so much time together after having been apart for months, you get on each other’s nerves for different reasons ever so quickly! It’s all part of being in a big family. And it’s in the same family dynamic that I feel the safest, as I am sure you do too. We all have our people we can count on in every season.

2015 taught me to be happy in all parts of life.

Music plays an incredible part in my life, as I am sure it does in yours, and it’s in never losing that beat that the soundtrack to my year constantly evolved and opened me up to new experiences with some of the best people I know. The best soundtrack featuring some of my favorite artists and checking items off the bucket list, made 2015 one for the books – and in this case, one to be publicly published. Spotlight. I look forward to the precious moments to come that will be set to a brand new soundtrack come January 1st, and I can’t wait to share those happy moments with you. 

2015 is the year I dared to live my dreams, and believe in myself more than I had ever done before. It taught me to embrace life.

Most importantly, while pursuing what I love – my passion – I dared to live fully; completely. And I succeeded in 2015. I learned so much about the woman I am and what I like and don’t like. I shared with you the most important things to me and I didn’t care about the results. It was about me putting out and not expecting anything in return; and I was so humbled in the moments that came. More so, I look forward to the many moments yet to come.

As 2015 comes to a close, I declare that we seal the vault on 2015; and cherish the moments that brought happiness and laughter, as well as the moments that got us crying. All those moments lived not only taught us something new about ourselves, but valuable lessons that will carry us through life. As the clock winds up, we should embrace 2015 with open arms and catapult ourselves into 2016 with eyes wide open and fear cast away. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, we will start anew in 2016. Fear Not. Our futures are BRIGHT. They are BOLD. They are BRILLIANTTable for one. As we close this chapter and Bare our authentic selves we will come Full Circle with our goals for 2016 as we leave 2015 behind.

Reflecting back on those moments from my 2015 after my treatment, I found myself smiling. I couldn’t have thought of a much better way to close out the year other than spending it as I did, and in great company. A splurge worth every moment spent in this hidden gem.

Cleansing the body; cleansing the soul. A time for a fresh chapter.

My time at the Miraj Hammam Spa was peaceful and thought provoking. After the scrub, I was washed down, and escorted to a steam room where I sat and let the beads of water roll down my cleansed body until my final wash and massage. In the beautiful quiet sanctuary amongst pillows of violet and orange, I indulged in the quiet uninterrupted moments while sipping on sweet tea and nibbling on a delightful sweet treat. Sheer bliss. Euphoria. Cleansing and purifying.

The whole afternoon got me ready for 2016 with a new sense of purpose and perspective. I am ready mentally, physically and emotionally and just like the phoenix, ready to rise and fly.

On the cusp of 2016, I dare you to live your life unapologetically. Create beautiful moments, and capture them in dazzling color. Love yourself unconditionally and dare to breathe into existence the dreams kept hidden. Live. And live well.

I wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

... N. xo
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