NyashaMayne | Wild Cat
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Wild Cat

When we are not so caught up on with work, life and trying to catch up, we all dream of being wild and free. We conjure up an image of a wild cat, a lion(ess) – our inner “Sasha Fierce” – our own alter ego. Beyoncé merely tapped into what was inside all women, and the rest was up to us to unleash. We women are capable of so much and we definitely need to give ourselves a lot more credit than we do.

Every woman should have an animal print item(s) in their closet. Therefore, if you don’t have one – stop reading and go get some print! The reason why we all need that one piece that walks on the wild side is because we need to tap into our inner feline once in a while and be fierce. While our whole closets enable us to channel who we are, animal print brings out the inner wild cat in us. Therefore, when we put it on we transform into this wild and fierce woman who is not only capable but unstoppable. You know what I am talking about ladies! We are this force of nature but sometimes we need a little extra push and wearing print is just one way to do it. When we doubt ourselves and our abilities to do what it is that we set our sights on we just need to tap into our inner wild cat.

I have to admit I used to struggle to unleash my inner feline because I had the opinions of sheep weighing me down. When I voiced my ideas and thoughts, people would tell me that “you can’t do that”, or “I just don’t see it”. Listening to them was my biggest fault, but overcoming my nay-sayers and doubters has been every bit momentous and a proud moment for me every single time. Do I put my wild cat stride down to the choices I pick when I get dressed everyday? HELL YES. Do I put my wild cat hunting tendencies down to the choice I make every morning to be unstoppable in the pursuit of my happiness? HELL YES

Do I put it down to these print shoes that exude fierceness and sex appeal? HELL YES. 

Whether it is a pair of a shoes, a shirt, eyewear or some lingerie, every woman should own print for the very sole reason of being every bit feline and fierce. Playful and fun, yet carnal and erotic. 

This poem summarizes the power of the female. It captures the essence of our inner feline – our wild cat.

Her heart as fierce
As the crashing waves,
Her pride will not be
Taken to the grave.

With a mane as golden
As the birds who soar,
She was born
And taught to roar.

-“Lioness” by Monica Lin

OOTD: Skirt – Guess | Tank Top – Lord & Taylor | Shoes – Sam Edelman (Similar) | Sunnies – YSL | Watch – Michael Kors | Necklace – Kate Spade | Earrings – Expression | Clutch – Moss Copenhagen 

... N. xo
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