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Dare I say that it came fast?! Turning 27 was and is a big deal for me because I never saw it coming … so soon. I knew it would happen at some point, but not this fast. The fact that my birthday was coming and that I was turning 27 only hit me a few days before my birthday on September 28th. With my laissez-faire disposition at times, I wasn’t actually all that excited until my cousin (who is four days older than I) hit 27 … and then it got real for me. In the moments following my realization, the ugly cry set in and then shock and anxiety. But it was soon replaced by laughter and contentment after I calmed down. The 26th year was in no way a bad year at all – it saw lots of happy moments – highs and lows – and during all the craziness, I was still able to enjoy some time to myself.

As I clocked in 27, I was bombarded with phone calls, texts and messages. It was nice to hear from all my special people – near and far, who took the time to send me birthday wishes. Being bombarded with all that love was amazing. I bathed in that beautiful moment.

Thank you.

Going back to my messages, my favourite message was definitely from my mom and of course, a mother’s love is a beautiful thing. With my mom’s new passion for using emojis, she just had to make sure that I read her message loud and clear! My mom is not text-savvy at times, so for her to be using emojis is a big thing!!

Mother's Love

She called too, and I could hear her feet shuffling in the background as she danced and sang “Happy Birthday” to me. My eyes watered as we shared a moment – one of many. Oh, I love the crazy that makes up my DNA. 

What does the year ahead mean?

I look at 27 as a year for taking chances and owning every moment. I was asked, “what did I wish?”, and at the time I wasn’t sure what 27 would hold and mean for me (apart from being older), up until I sat down and asked myself some hard truths. As a people pleaser, I have always been about helping others and putting others before myself. But this year, I decided to be a bit more selfish in what I want and boldly going after what I deserve (without causing injury to anyone course). I’m speaking my truth daily as opposed to just “going with the flow” to appease people. This year is about getting more out of my comfort zone and re-defining myself.

My values will not be compromised. My authenticity will prevail. And my promise to always deliver will stand firm. I’m holding myself accountable and not playing the blame game. This is my arena and I’m ready. Damn!!! It feels good to say it out loud and write it out.

Hard work. Patience. Humility. The world doesn’t owe me a thing. But, it is what I choose to do with my life that will touch the world. And that’s the part of the puzzle that was missing. 

I believe that we get to this moment of clarity at varying stages in our lives – young or old. We get a sense of what clarity is or could be and while we see it, it might just be out of reach. So we work. We bide our time. We strategize how to get to that point of clarity. And then when we get there, everything is right. At 27, my many moments of clarity finally merged and aligned. I had my big moment of clarity, and it was amazing. 

To live well. To live boldly. To live a life worth sharing. Be courageous in all you do. 

... N. xo
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